About me

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Hello my name is Carl …

I am hoping to establish myself as a new and exciting architect. I have been nominated and winner of numerous awards including 6 for my ‘Restorative Aquaculture of Silt Island’ design thesis at university. Welcome and enjoy!
Here are just a few highlights that people have published about me.

Ryder prize.

Throughout Carl’s project work, there is a strong thread of social and environmental responsibility, a complex and challenging approach to materiality and incredibly detailed response to complex problem solving.
A design process involving sculpture, modelling, drawing, making and research is reflected in an incredibly thorough response creating iconic yet functional structure at the mouth of the tees. Whilst the subject matter is complex, Carl has successfully distilled this down into a simple piece of architecture, rigorously planned and detailed, demonstrating a level of control rarely seen in student projects.
The project is enhanced by a compelling presentation, rich in its exploration of space, light, texture, and material. Excellent! 15 July 2013.

Building Design winner.

Harpers project, depicted with compelling visuals and investigations into the functions of seaweed, impressed the judges with its rigorous and pragmatic approach.
“I like when students are able to push boundaries in a very mundane way, like with fishing. He’s been able to innovate in the building and even in the technique, and I think that’s fantastic”, said judge Juan Lago-Novás Domingo. 25 July 2013.



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