Housesteads Roman Wall Museum

Project description.

Experience the military way, a road where the Roman soldiers once continuously marched. This route is guarded by rattling corten shields acting as a safe passage for the visitor along to the Housesteads fort. Visitors are offered the opportunity to explore findings in the buildings along the route; moving out of safe territory on the military way; interacting with Hadrian’s’wall.
Each structure relives the experiences of Roman life using variable sensory conditions to connect the visitor to the emotions shared to that of the soldier; from the sodden dirt on the ground to a sunset and the stars in the night sky. Visitors will feel the experiences a Roman soldier would have felt; from loneliness to hunger, the noise and feeling of the wind across the landscape; the smell of dew on the grass and the crunch of leaves under foot in the autumn.


Archelogical hut

Atmospheric sketch plan

Central museum

Building journy

Construction Perspective

Roman walk experiance

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