Restorative Aquaculture of Silt Island

Project description.

The project is sited in the estuary of the River Tees, located in and on the liminal landscape of eyots formed in the wake of container ships using the Teesmouth port.
The principle facility is an augmented form that rises from Silt Island as two sheer walls, with a different programme contained within each of the walls. The outer elevation of the eastern wall is covered in seaweed, and changes its appearance due to the changing seasons and the particular stage of the drying process. The building receives sea resources into a series of multiple cradle to cradle processes to the point where waste is removed.
The scheme cross-programmes a seaweed farm and a fish processing facility. The Tees currently suffers high levels of toxicity from decades of pollution leeching from the contaminated land and watercourses. By farming laminaria digitata, a species of seaweed which is a particularly effective phytoremediator, the pollution is filtered and extracted, collected within the structure of the plant, specifically the bottom half of the roots. That is disposed of through incineration. The top half of the seaweed is used in a number of different industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and as a health food, consequently providing work for local communities.
As part of the process, fish are grown in hatcheries under the seaweed and are deposited out at sea to maintain the stocks. Mature fish caught in the vicinity is processed at the facility.

map and site story

Integrated aquaponic cycle

Seaweed farm concept

model smokery internal

Bioplastic mechanism

Seaweed process

Fish process narrative

Overall strategy

Seaweed farm section

seaweedfarm axo section full

exploded seaweed farm small

Wall detail

ground floor plans

Top floor plans

exploded building axo

Long section

Mother building section


Seaweed wall

Biotank walk

fish hacking wall

Inside perspective

Fish smokery

Public entrance

Boat entrance

Internal seaweed wall

Plaza pool

Estuary entrance


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